martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

3. Oraciones de mi habitacion

1. Looking from the front door of my room you can see my closet.

2. If I look a bit up my TV can see where I spend many hours of entertainment.

3. Once inside my room if I turn to the right you can see my bed and the bed of my brother.

4. In my room you can see by turning to the left where it should be the closet.

5. Where the presumption is that the closet is a cabinet that has all the things in my books and notebooks Physical Therapist currently vacant.

6. Behind the door is a coat rack.

7. Under the rack are glued posters of the WWE.

8. Above the closet we have some toys of my childhood.

9. And aside from toys are some things he has given his girlfriend my brother

10. In the winter we put the tank of my rabbit in front of my bed so that is not cold.

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