jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

10. Ejercicio 13-Libro

13. Correct the sentences about the fire fighters.

1. Jim arrives at the station at 8.oo

{1}. 7.45. I arrive at the station

2. We have lunch at 12.30

{2}. 12.00. We have lunch

3. Doug gives first aid lessons to chlidren

{3}. 13.45. We do different things in the afternoon. I give first aid classes. Doug doesn´t do this with me. He visits schools and talks about fire sefety

4. The fire fighters have dinner at 18.30

{4}. 18.00. We heve dinner.

5. Doug watches TV.

{5}. We do the dishes and then we read of watch TV. Doug doesn´t watch TV-- he plays chess

6. We go to bed at 24.00.

{6}. 23.00. We go to bed

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