martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

4.mis intereses en la vida

My interests in life are to complete my studies and become a career Professions in physical
education, also play football in the First Division of Mexico ", have a good job for a life without
economic problems, have a nice car what can I buy my taste and a big house with Gardiner and
pool. At home I have a cat like race fine and have games to distract me from work. Traveling to
many parts of the world such as Egypt to see the pyramids and temples of this country, I would like
to know also Italy with its tower of Pizza and the canals of Venice, France would be a good place I
like to travel, and travel to China know the Great Wall of China and its culture so special to help
those who need it most in the way that I can. Go to the World Cup and see teams play like Brazil,
Argentina, Portugal, Italy and of course the tri of my heart that is Mexico. So basically this is what I
like to make my life in a not too distant future.

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